Saturday, 15 December 2012

Reduce title bar size on GNOME 3.X desktop

 I am currently using GNOME 3.4.2 / openSUSE 12.2 and I find it annoying that Adwaita theme makes all the Top / Title bars in all application windows ( browser, Nautilus ) look bloated and ugly. For sometime i was wondering as to how i can easily change the Title bar settings alone. I decided that I would have to change the window theme from Adwaita to something else , though i am not fond of changing default themes.
  Before changing the theme I wanted to measure the height of the title bar when Adwaita theme is used. I found a nice screen ruler called NRuler after a brief search on the internet. I downloaded the jar version of it and executed the jar . When I measured the height of the Title bar using NRuler I was shocked to find that it used more than 40 out of the 768 pixels available on my screen.
Screenshot of Title bar when Adwaita window theme is used
Big Title bar Adwaita window theme
 I opened command launcher window (AlT+F2) and typed in the command "gnome-tweak-tool" to open "Advanced Settings" applet for GNOME 3.X desktop. I opened "Theme" settings and changed the Window Theme from "Adwaita" to "Crux".
change window theme gnome tweak tool
 When i measured the height again i was relieved to find that title bar was only about 20 pixels now. I am hoping that the title bars will be better looking when i switch to GNOME 3.6 which would come bundled with openSUSE 12.3 .
Screenshot of Title bar when Crux window theme is used
thin title bar crux window theme

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