Saturday, 8 December 2012

Nautilus 3.4.2 open as administrator hack

  Nautilus "open as admin" hack is about opening Nautilus in administrator mode to quickly change permissions, ownership of files and folders. This hack will add an "openAsAdmin" menu to the context menu or right click. This hack has been tested on openSUSE 12.2 / GNOME 4.3.2. Here goes the explanation. I have two users on my system, "mantis" and "test". I am logged in as mantis and I see "x" or cross marks on the files in my folder indicating that "mantis" doesn't own this file. The link "series.txt" is being owned by "test".
Nautilus File Properties Permissions
 I open command launcher (ALT+F2) and type in the command "alacarte" and hit return / enter key. This will open GNOME 3.X menu editor. I add an new entry by pressing the "New Item" button as shown below. The Command that needs to be added  is "gnomesu nautilus %U".
Nautilus Open As Administrator Menu Alacarte
 Now when i right click on the any file that I need to change permission I find the "OpenAsAdmin" menu under "Open With" ==> "Other Applications". When i invoke this menu it asks me enter administrator password or passcode.
Nautilus Open As Administrator Context Menu
 After entering the passcode i see a new Nautilus widow running in administrator mode and this will allow me to change the permissions and ownership of various files and folders using the "properties" menu, permission tab as shown below. After finishing things we simply need to close the nautilus window running in administrator mode.
Nautilus File Change Owner Permissions

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