Saturday, 15 December 2012

Pairing GNOME 3.4.2 and Samsung mobile using a cheap USB Bluetooth dongle

 Today i bought a Enter Bluetooth dongle and used it to successfully pair my desktop ( GNOME 3.4.2 / openSUSE 12.2 ) and my Samsung phone (SCH-F219) . I was able to transfer a photo of the dongle taken using the mobile onto my computer using the same device.
Pairing Computer & Mobile device
  • First i plug-in  the USB dongle onto the machine.
  • I then opened Activities window (left win key / Alt+F1 ) and typed in the string "Bluetooth" and then launched the Bluetooth application. At the same time i "Turned On" bluetooth on my mobile device and set the device name as "SCH-F219".
  • openSUSE 12.2 MANTIS GNOME 3.4.2 Activities Bluetooth
  • When we open the Bluetooth application there will no devices configured and we need to "Turn On" the Bluetooth and visibility  using relevant sliders as shown below.
  • openSUSE 12.2 MANTIS GNOME 3.4.2 Bluetooth Application
  • I then click the "+" or plus icon at the left hand-side bottom to add a new device and i can  find the the mobile device automatically listed in a new window. I then click on the continue button.
  • openSUSE 12.2 MANTIS GNOME 3.4.2 Configure Bluetooth
  • After clicking continue button the application will generate a key that should be typed in the phone when it prompts for a key. This will complete the pairing of computer and mobile.
  • openSUSE 12.2 MANTIS GNOME 3.4.2 Bluetooth Pairing Key
  • If the pairing is successful then a success message shows up on the application.
  • openSUSE 12.2 MANTIS GNOME 3.4.2 Bluetooth Pairing Successful
Sending Files to Mobile device
  • After returning to main application i can see the mobile device listed and i can now click on the mobile device and then click on the "Send Files" button to send files to the mobile device.
  • The application opens a Nautilus window which allows us to browse through the folders and choose the required files athat need to be sent to the phone.
  • openSUSE 12.2 MANTIS GNOME 3.4.2 Bluetooth Send Files to phone
  • After i click the select button my phone prompts me toconfirm whether it can receive files from the paired device . After i confirm the transfer in the phone i get a progress window on the desktop indicating the transfer progress and status. This window exits automatically after file transfer completes.
    openSUSE 12.2 MANTIS GNOME 3.4.2 Bluetooth Send Files to phone progress bar
Copying data between Mobile and Computer
 On clicking the browse button we get a prompt on the mobile devices asking the user whether it can allow a data sharing session. When we allow the mobile to share data then a Nautilus window opens up on the desktop and shows the phone as a external drive as shown below. We can use the nautilus window to browse and copy files from phone onto desktop and vice versa. After playing around with the files we can simply click on the triangle icon in the Nautilus window and the data sharing session will stop instantly.
openSUSE 12.2 MANTIS GNOME 3.4.2 Bluetooth browse phone nautilus
 The following is the photo of the USB bluetooth dongle that has been copied from the phone onto the computer using Nautilus.
Enter Bluetooth Dongle


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