Friday, 27 January 2012

Vettai review (Contains Spoilers)

Arya as Gurumurthy
Madhavan as Thirumurthy
Protagonist's Love interests
Sameera Reddy as Vasanthi
Amala Paul as Jayanthi
Ashutosh Rana as Annachi
Captain Of the ship

  Vettai film is all about two brothers Madhavan as Thirumurthy and Arya as Gurumurthy.Like Jekyll and Hyde and two sides of a coin Guru and Thiru have diametrically opposite personalities. Thiru happens to be  dull headed and is a bit of scaredy cat,whereas Guru is a Ruf & Tuf and smart.The movie is about how the brothers fare in their life after the death of their father who happens to be a police officer . There is also a running gag that both of them  being sons of a policemen have policemen's blood running in them.
Pluses of the movie
==>Madhavan and Arya's screen presence is amazing.
==>As usual Lingusamy has paced the movie well.
==>Sameera Reddy looked natural even though she is not a local. Amala paul played the role of eye candy to perfection.
==>The script writers / dialogue writers have done a commendable job to keep the audiences interested even though the movie's story lacked substance.
==>The baddie sports a smart clean shaven look and performed well, and is a promising talent.
==>Did not feature any fart jokes unlike nanban
Minuses of the movie
==>The songs were terrible.The less said about the lyrics the better.This has been a typical trend in recent tamil movie.Only movie that came close to breaking this unsavoury streak was vaagai Sooda Vaa
==>Typical Kollywood,run of the mill movie.
==>This is the gazillionth film to portray an American fiancée as a dufus and complete moron.
 The movie starts with the  Madhavan flying a kite along with other boys when another boy intentionally cuts his line When Madhavan confronts the aggressor he gets beaten and shooed away. Madhavan high-tails from the spot . He returns to the spot with his younger brother Arya who picks up a fight with the aggressor.The protagonist's father happens to catch Arya with another boy rolling in the sand and he takes both home and flogs Arya . Though Arya remains unperturbed , Madhavan weeps and feels guilty that he is the reason why Arya got flogged by their father.This scene sets the premise to rest of the film.
  Arya's father dies when the boys reach the age of twenty something and Madhavan gets coaxed by Arya to join the police force . Whenever  Madhavan gets into a tight situation with the baddies he calls up Arya and he takes care of them.This drama continues for sometime and Madhavan gains a reputation of being a no nonsense ,bad ass but kicking police officer.Unfortunately the bad guys find out the truth about Madhavan that he is actually a sheep in wolves clothing.The rowdie elements waste no time and make short work of Madhavan.
  When Madhavan starts recovering from the serious injuries ,Arya reveals the real reason as to why he made Madhavan join the force. He wanted Madhavan to stop being a scaredy cat and stand up to the challenges he faces in the life . He further goes on to say that he cannot continue giving a long rope to Madhavan and asks him shed his fears and beome a responsible police officer.The rest of the movie is about how Madhavan KO's the bad guys.
End of story
Watch the film if you want to have a few laughs or you happen to be a Madhavan (or) Arya's fan. You can also watch the movie if you want to catch a glimpse of Amala Paul who offers plenty of fan service and seems to determined to change her demure image from Myna.

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