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Nanban movie Review(Contains Spoilers)


 Saw Nanban movie in kamala theatre (known as kamala cinemas now) 11:00 Am show.Thank god the Theatre has good parking facility and had a decent parking cost of 15 bucks unlike the theatres in the malls where you are charged about 20 ~ 25 bucks per hour.Sometimes we may spend more on parking ticket rather than the movie ticket itself.The sound system in the theatre is not so good.I was sitting near the wall in the front set of rows. The speakers has caused me a headache . Also the movie theatres should stop frisking people and install metal detectors or something.The movie was not such a bad one considering vijay acted in it.

Pluses of the movie:-
==>Sathyaraj acted well,he had done his homework and was good as the college principal.Jeeva and Srikanth essayed the roles of Vijay's friends very well.
==>The story line was nearly water tight but not air tight.
==>It is not the typical shankar movies about corruption etc:
==>The movie I believe is a faithful reproduction of the original
"3 idiots".
==>Message of the movie "asking youngsters to apply themselves in areas of their interest" instead of going down the well trodden path is laudable.
==>Not a typical hodgepodge Vijay movie :-).

Minuses of the movie:-
==>There was absolutely no chemistry between the lead pair.The lead pair (Vijay , Ileane)couldn't show much of facial expressions.Ileane looked a little anorexic.
==>The songs did not gel well with the movie.The lyrics were not catchy.
Shankar did not pay much attention to the songs in this movie which I find is quite unusual.
==> People poking fun of srivatsan(sathyan) all the time was getting too tiresome to watch.The fart related jokes was a little retarded.
==>Old wine in new bottle.The age old  urban legend that, "NASA spending a large amount of money to develop a pen that would write in the conditions experienced during spaceflight",has been retold through this movie.There is no point of including that story in the movie.

 Sathyan calls up Vijay's friends ( Jeeva and Srikanth) and asks them to meet him lying to them that he is with their dear friend Vijay and he is waiting to meet them.Instead he shows them a presentation of his achievements in life . After not being able to meet their dear friend who in this case happens to be Vijay start looking around for their long last friend.Vijay it seems doesn't keep in touch with them after their graduation from college . During their search for Vijay , the college days when the trio spent their times together is shown . It was shown as to how Vijay was really smart and was down to earth and witty .The flashback fails to explain as to why only these two were attracted to Vijay whereas the rest of the students did not interact a lot with vijay . Sathyaraj did a commendable role as the college principal . Back in the present,when they finally thought that they had nailed their dear friend's location that they find that their friend has impersonated another person (S.J.Surya) and did college on behalf of him.
  Jeeva and  Srikanth come to know about the marriage of Ileana and her finance.They gate crash Ileana's  wedding and tell her that she not betray her feelings for Vijay and marry a "Mr no good" / "cold hearted"' person like her would be husband.When they finally catch up with Vijay they realise his noble objective of starting a school where each student can realise his/her hidden potentials.

Though nothing new has been explored in this movie it can be watched once.It has a few good scenes. My rating of the movie would be (3.5 out of 5)


  1. Plusses and Minusses are very crisp; give an idea of the movie.

  2. @Hariharan Valady
    Thanks for your comments
    Read the story part of the post,it gives you an overall idea about the story , besides you can take a look at the wikipedia link for the movie to read the entire story

  3. Shankar hav puts many comedy scenes compared to 3 idiots ! and it works very well ! Hats off to the Nanban team ! Aaaaaaaaaaall Iiiiiiizz Weeeelll for Vijay fans !! and Jiiva fans also !

  4. First of all I dont find the movie that good due to the following reasons. 1) Vijay and co. looks old when compared to aamir and co. in 3 idiots like aamir and co. looks like going for UG while vijay and co. looks like going for their PG. 2) Sathyaraj is below par compared to Boman Irani 3) Songs (Copied) are below average than that of 3 idiots

  5. @Anonymous
    Thanks for putting across your views

  6. It was good???? Spare it a second thought....

  7. It was good??? Spare it second thought...

  8. @Iambeingjust - Thanks for your inputs

  9. @Nafila136 - Thanks for your precious inputs



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