Saturday, 13 April 2013

Image resize and rotate using Nautilus on openSUSE 12.3, GNOME 3.6

 The Nautilus-Image-Converter is an extension that allows you to resize / rotate images from Nautilus. This extension is very useful when uploading images to websites (size limitations), creating thumbnails etc.
Installation & Usage
Step 1:- We need to Configure Community Repositories in YaST, GNOME 3.6, openSUSE 12.3
Step 2:- Launch command launcher(Alt+F2) and open terminal using command "gnome-terminal".
Step3:- Using zypper we can install the relevant extension using command "sudo -u root zypper in nautilus-image-converter".
 Step4:- Use the context menu (or) right click menu to "rotate" and resize images. The extension automatically appends a ".resized" and ".rotated" string to the names of newly created files, lest the original file gets overwritten.
Screenshot showing Nautilus "resize". Resize supports "resize to pixels", "scaling" and "custom size" functions.
Nautilus Resize
Screenshot showing Nautilus "rotate". Rotate supports "pre-defined rotations" and "custom angle" functions.
Nautilus Rotate

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