Sunday, 17 March 2013

Configure Community Repositories in YaST, GNOME 3.6, openSUSE 12.3

 Community repositories (repos) in openSUSE are repositories that are essential repositories through which most of the software requirements can be met. Community repos can be configured using YaST Software Manager and the repos can be classified as:-
  • Official :- These are basic repos which power the distro
    • Main Repository (Oss) - This has free software. Packages don't get updated as this is kind of baseline stuff.
    • Main Repository (Non-Oss) - This has Non Free software. Packages don't get updated as this is kind of baseline stuff.
    • Main Update Repository (Oss) - All security updates and other patches Main Repo can be obtained from this repo.
    • Update Repository (Non-Oss) - This is
  • Additional Repositories :- These repos are as the name mentions are used to obtain software that are not part of Official repos.
    • Essential Repositories
      • Packman Repository - Contains lot of packages of type multimedia codecs (a.k.a. restricted codecs that cannot be distributed by the openSUSE), Games,Media players( VLC, Mplayer) and other utilities.
      • Libdvdcss Repository - This contains a package which can handle proprietary/encrypted DVDs.
    • More Repositoies
      • openSUSE BuildService - Education - Contains cool software like Artha, Bluefish, Bluej etc...
      • openSUSE BuildService - GNOME:Apps - Contains lot of cool GTK applications
      • openSUSE BuildService - Mozilla - Contain latest versions of Firefox and SeaMonkey and Thunderbird.
 The following video / screencast shows the procedure to add community repository

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