Thursday, 4 April 2013

Download Favourite pictures from Flickr on openSUSE 12.3, GNOME 3.6

 To download pictures that you have marked favourite from the popular Photo sharing site Flickr you can use an application called "FlickrFaves". It is a Java based application which means that  you need to have openJDK or Sun/Oracle JRE installed on your system.
Getting Started
Downloading and Installing FlickrFaves:-
 There is no need to install anything except that you need to setup up Java/JRE on you system. All you need to do is download the jar which is marked / labelled as "executable "and "launch the jar" to use it.
Use FlickrFaves
 Open a quick command launcher (Alt+F2) and open the terminal using command "gnome-terminal".
Step 2:-
Launch jar using the following command from terminal
java -jar /home/<ProfileName>/Downloads/FlickrFaves-2.0.4.jar
 On pressing "Authorize" button it will open the default web browser and take you to a page where you need to "Login" and "Authorize" the application to enable FlickrFaves to use Flickr.
After successful Authorisation you will see a success page
Step 4:-
 Comeback to FlickrFaves application and click on "Complete Authorization".
Step 5:-
 Configure your download folder and other settings like "number of files to download" and start downloading your stuff.
After downloading your pictures it will show a download successful message like this
Add FlickrFaves to GNOME Activities
Step 1:-
 Open command launcher(Alt+F2) and use the command "alacarte" to open GNOME 3.X menu editor
Step 2:-
 Add the relevant command(java -jar <Path>FlickrFaves-2.0.4.jar) and create a menu item as show below
You can now locate FlickrFaves in Activities

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