Sunday, 29 January 2012

Install sun java 1.6 update 30 and browser plugin on openSUSE 12.1

 Due to licensing issues openSUSE had to drop sun java from its repositories starting from openSUSE 12.1 onwards . Hence you need to install it from user maintained or community repositories . Only OpenJDK is offered in official repositories
Install Java
Based on the architecture the relevant package must be installed.You need  to install two packages:-
==>JRE or Java Run-time Environment is needed for executing jars or running class files on your system.Some application software like openoffice / libreoffice  need this to work properly.
==>Browser plugin is used to run applets on your browser
          We can install both JRE and browser Plugin using the 1-Click Install/One-Click for plugin as YaST will automatically detect that JRE is also required.You can also locate other 1-Clicks for Sun Java Plugin here
Important Note:- You may need to type in admin password / passcode when prompted.You may also need to click "accept" / "Trust" when it prompts for accepting  the repository key. Since we are using  1 click for plugin ,the installer /YaST will ask you to upgrade / install JRE also, you may need to allow the up-gradation of JRE.
Check Installation
Check version of Java/Jre in system
If you are looking to test your installation then you need to open the terminal
an execute the command "java -version"
Check version of Java plugin browser uses
To check browser plugin Navigate here or here
If the installation is successful you must see something like this :-
Run or Execute jar files
If you looking for launching (or) running jar files then ,look here

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