Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Facebook , Blogger Online Trap
This post is about my misadventure on a fake facebook site . The other day i was trying to post an article in my blog when i mis-typed the URL in my browser as "bogger.com" instead of "blogger.com". I hadn't realised it and suddenly the page was mysteriously redirected to another website.

Then a pop up appeared saying that I got a friend request . Those who spend most of their spare time in facebook will definitely fall for it.
After the hit "OK" button on the pop up window,it began to show a page similar to that of facebook .It showed a woman's picture with a "confirm" and "ignore" button.
Suddenly my senses snapped back and realised that this is definitely not facebook :-).The web page looked similar but definitely is not a facebook.Then i began telling myself that i should be more careful while browsing .

Please read this post and take care that you don't get fooled on Internet . There is a real danger that your login credentials and your computer may also get infected by malware ,worms, viruses etc...

==>The first rule of thumb is to be very cautious an alert while browsing Internet
==>The second rule of thumb is not to click any link in your mail or on the net unless it is from a known and trusted source

For brave souls this is the link to fake facebook site / friend request

There is similar facebook related scam that i had written about earlier :- Beware of Fake "Facebook Mails","Friend Request"

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