Saturday, 3 September 2011

Beware of Fake "Facebook Mails","Friend Request"

Beware Folks :- Today I received a fake "Facebook Mail"/"Friend Request" notification.Your presence on Facebook is being leaked and even your email id you provided on Facebook is not safe.Facebook should look into the leakage of email ids to third party without express consent from Facebook  users.The application which sent this mail was smart enough to know  the email id I use to login into Facebook and mail me a fake friend request

How To Detect fake
There is a easy way to recognise these mails.First take a look at the "From" ,"Reply-To" and "To" addresses in the email header.In my case it claims to originate from "facebookmail" domain and reply to is  "LinkedIn" and it is not addressed to my id but some fictional/fake  email id. If you want to confirm that it is definitely not an invite then go and login into Facebook and check
for invite notification.Never click links in such fake mails.This will compromise your system.

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