Monday, 5 November 2007

Recipe For Back Ache

Travelling to office from home and back on chennai roads during rainy seson is a real nightmare.The situation is worse when the road gets dug up(the culprits being Electricity Board,BSNL,Broadband,Private Telephone operators,Sewerage Board and the list goes on and on,the latest to join the bandwagon are construction companies which are building flyovers at major intersections)and water gets filled in these holes.One cannot judge the depth of these pits if they get filled with water.

These are artificial sink holes which guide motorists to the other world or the hospital beds.If one successfully is able to negotiate these then also they cannot avoid the potholes on the road.(infact some roads with potholes resemble the surface of the moon with craters).One can even go to the extent in saying that potholes ocassionally give way to mettalled surface instead of saying that "the potholes occur on the roads".These pot holes coupled with numerous speed breakers are a sure shot way to getting back aches.

Also the silencers get worn out within 1 year when one rides on these roads.One hopes that elections are held soon so that at least an effort is made by the government to patch these roads

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