Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Reverting Disqus to older version again ?

 Disqus as a comment platform is very good and i am very thankful to them. But they has recently started "turning ON" Advertisements on my blog without my express consent. They did it once in the past and I had documented as to how I reverted back here (Reverting from DISQUS 2012 to older version) . They have done it again . I received a mail in my inbox about providing me with more revenue etc.. and I started seeing advertisements on my blog.
Mail from Disqus about the new disqus and advertisements appearing on my webpages :(
Disqus Email
Then i had to go back to Disqus website. Navigate to Settings and under Settings navigate to "Discovery" tab .Then i had to change the "Discovery" settings from increased "Revenue" to "Just comments" and everything is back to normal :)
Disqus Turn Off Discovery Use Just Comments


  1. Glad you found a way to fix this. Also, you can no longer go back to the classic versions of Disqus.

  2. I am glad that they mailed me before switching ON things :)

  3. Even with Ads it's a great system




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