Thursday, 14 February 2013

Changing right click options for files on GNOME 3.4.2, openSUSE 12.2

 I had earlier written about forcing programs to appear in open with list. There is one more method of :-
  • Adding file associations / context menu / right click entries.
  • Setting order of programs for opening in context menu.
  • Setting default program for a file type.
on GNOME 3.4.2 / openSUSE 12.2, all in a single shot.
I am taking a Flash video as a sample and i find the file associations as shown below and I set about modifying it.
Context Right Click Menu Nautilus Flash Video
Step 1
 Find the file mimeapps.list on your machine. It will be under the folder path as shown below.
Step 2
 Check the file type or mime type of the file by right clicking and checking properties. Since I am taking a Flash video as a sample, I find that mime type is (video/x-flv).
Nautilus properties Flash Video
Step 3
 Open it in your favourite text editor. I am using gedit to edit the file. Open command launcher (Or) quick launch window (Alt+F2) and type in following commands followed by return or enter key to edit the file.
gnome-text-editor /home/<profileFolder>/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list
gedit /home/<profileFolder>/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list
Flash Video mimeapps.list
Step 4
 After opening the file we will find some existing entries in the file. Don't remove any existing entries. Just append any new entries at the end. After deciding on the default application for a file we make an entry under "Default Applications". Then we put this default application first under "Added Associations" and then add subsequent entries as shown below. Save and exit the file.
[Added Associations]
[Default Applications]
When we check the context menu of the Flash video again we will see the changes reflected.
Flash Video revised Context Menu Nautilus

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