Saturday, 3 December 2011

Why is corruption Good?

Why is corruption Good ?{parody}

If you think  corruption is bad,think again.Only if there is rampant corruption in the can the following happen in our country(INDIA).

==>People / commoners can get loads of  cash during elections,especially in states like Tamil Nadu.

==>No we have parks with  lots of stone elephants nicknamed hati parks in UP .These must really be a paradise for elephant enthusiasts , maniacs and wild life conservationists.The need of the hour is not splitting of UP into 4 states but splitting UP into two states,one accommodating all the hundreds, thousands  of stone elephants present in the state and the other for humans to live in.

==>Lot of mines and that means more jobs,Karnataka should now resemble moon with all of its huge craters.We can change its name to Craternataka.
If we are creative enough,we can also convert the mines into tourist spots (OR)Water parks(OR) water reservoirs for irrigating fields in summer.

==>Get entertainment Non stop 365 days a year. Nowadays it is amusing to watch news channels showing many politicians running away from police , making scenes at court . This is more exiting than T20 brand of cricket. I found too many amazing ways by which we can hoodwink the law like saying that i have Bad health,by saying that you belong to fairer sex,by saying that you are too old.Long live the game of cat and mouse.

==>New way to learn numbers for young children 1G,2G,3G.This way even parent will definitely enjoy teaching children than lame 1 apple and so on.

==>Delhi police who were getting bored of dealing with terror suspects can now for a change start deal with huge crowds of people flocking to Delhi to protest against corruption led by Anna and the infamous baba Ramdev.

==>You can get decorate your city with hordes of statues of your favourite leaders.Even better, these efforts may get India one more entry into Guinness book of world records.

==>Finally owning and wearing a Gandhi topi is way cooler than a branded  rebook cap or pair of shades.Don't ask me as to why it is called Gandhi topi . Personally I have never seen  Ghandhi wearing it in any pictures / photos depicting him.

==>Breed and export fish using aborted pipeline projects like old veeranam .{Excerpt from article :-The ornamental fish breeding project in the coastal village of Keelamanakudi in Chidambaram district was started last year to supplement the incomes of poor, landless women. The unused hume pipes from the aborted Veeranam water project were used to set up backyard fish breeding enterprises. The project is a big success, and fish is being exported to Singapore. Overseas demand has far exceeded supply. The production cost is less than 8 per cent of the price that the fish fetch; last year each woman earned an income of over Rs.4,000.}

==>Use wads of currency notes as fans in parliament.

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  1. I can only try to imagine the reaction of everybody around me if I try and talk supporting corruption in my placement group discussions :D

  2. //Personally I have never seen Ghandhi wearing it in any pictures / photos depicting him.// ;-)

  3. @Katz
    Yeah I have not been able to associate it Gandhi at all.I think we should petition the constitutional experts and rename it Nehru topi as he seems always wear it in all the pictures I have seen him in.



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