Friday, 9 December 2011

Sehwag Steals Thunder from Sachin


Sehwag Steals Thunder from Sachin / Sehwag ,The god of records

 Why did Sehwag steal the thunder from Sachin ? Why did he choose to overthrow the Indian cricketing god from the position of highest run scorer in a single innings in ODI cricket? Why did Sehwag choose this day to break Sachin (his mentor's) record

==>He wants to replace Sachin / overthrow because he has had enough hearing about Sachin's 100'th hundred (OR) Dravid's rise in test cricket and hit a purple patch?

==>He wants to claim his rightful place in  hearts of India's cricket obsessed populace by putting together his own enviable set of records?

==>He has suddenly woken up from his English siesta?

==>He wants commentators to again start comparing him to ODI cricketing legends of yesteryears like Desmond Haynes,Richie Richardson?

==>He wanted to be interviewed again by Indian news channels ?

==>He wants to show up at the post match presentation and get the man of the match award from Ravi and co

==>He wants a documentary made out of him in cricinfo?

==>Like always he wants to throw a little surprise to the Indian cricket maniacs?

==>He doesn't want to get dropped from the team for the Australian Tour 2011/2012?

==>He wants to show Ashwin / Ojha their places in the Indian cricket team pecking Order by showing that he is batsmen supreme?

==>All he wanted to do is to play a captain's innings?

==>He wanted to put the West Indians in their place lest they get carried away by their victory at Motera?

==>He was losing a lot of advertisements to Dhoni that he has decided to score some runs and divert the attention of advertisers towards him ?

==>He was on a High?

==>He has just regained his form ?

==>He wanted to get a thunderous applause from the stands which he didn't for a long long time?

==>He was in a very bad mood that he wanted to belt the ball around the park?

==>He was seeing the cricket ball like a football ?

==>Did he have Boost / Bournvita / Horlicks / Complan early in the morning?

==>He wants one of the stands in In Indore, Holkar stadium to be named after him and commemorate this feat

==>He was just rockin to "why this kolaveri" tune?

==>Or he just wanted to surprise / amaze / bamboozle / the cricket fan in me ? and make me write this post (NAY)

Like always Sehwag is as unpredictable as ever.!!!!!!!! He is just being himself.


Batsmen:V Sehwag
Strike Rate:146.97
More details here

After reading this post, you want to imitate Sehwag and hit a few fours and sixers ,then go ahead,help yourself here

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