Wednesday, 23 November 2011

If you had two extra hours in a day, how would you spend it?


 Couple of days ago I joined indiblogger and today I was randomly browsing their site when saw an advertisement @indiblogger seeking entries for a contest titled "If you had two extra hours in a day, how would you spend it?"

I felt like giving it a try and here is my post aimed at the contest.

When i first saw the topic the whole idea of having extra hours in a day seemed ridiculous as we are always running short of time in our day to day lives .But then I realised that this is exact thing that every body needs very badly in their life,those precious costlier than surging gold prices,extra hours.

 This idea seems at first like an idea ripped off from the bonus time allotted at the end of each stage in a video/computer game.Those bonus stages are an awesome idea.You can really increase your points.I would like something similar in real life too.But that would be like asking for too much, ain't it?

   My thoughts drifted to the film 12B which featured Shyam , Jyothika and Simran.The film dealt with two hypothetical situation

one==>in which hero manages his time well and manages to catch a bus for his interview
Two==>in which hero mis - manages his time fails to catch the bus
The point is whoever makes most efficient use of the time succeeds in life,earns laurels and appreciation of the ones around him/her.The film also
talks about the unforgiving,cruel nature of fate but we will leave it at that.

 So what would all of us do  with hour extra two hours of time . Most of us would probably would doze off the extra hours thinking it as a god's gift to provide us  "quantum of relief" from the  rigours of hectic life.

 Some of us would probably be willing to spend us extra hours on personal development like hitting a gym daily for a workout (Or) going or a walk in the fast disappearing parks{which happens to be a reality in chennai as the corporation is busy destroying whatever parks it developed in the pretext of building infrastructure for metro rail} (Or) doing yoga

 Some of us ,especially the  youth(Generation Y) may be tempted  to  spending the the hard earned money at bars/pubs/discotheque etc:for utilising their share of the two extra hours

 Some may opt for spending time in doing things{which usually sits in the farthest corner of mind and keeps bugging us} that they always wanted to do but did not do it for want of adequate time

 Some may turn to visiting places of worship,especially the older generations which obviously is a big no-no for today's generation

 shopaholics would probably be delighted that they can spend more hours in the malls of the big Indian cities.

Bookworms would probably drain away the extra hours by reading more

 As for me I would probably spend my quality time writing more articles for my blog,editing existing posts and experimenting with the whole range of gadgets/themes that are available for the blogs nowadays.

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