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Create Label or Tag Cloud In a New Page In Blogger

How To Create a dynamic Label or Tag Cloud In a New Page In Blogger?

 In  some of our blogs there would be too many labels that it would be difficult to show all of them in main page of the blog.To solve this issue we can add the label cloud in a new page in our blog.This post aims to serve as a tutorial for doing this.

The following screenshot shows the appearance of the  Labels page or tag cloud page for your blog:-

Step one is to create a new page and name it "labels" .For accomplishing that this you need to
==>Go into "Design Mode in blogger", henceforth will be referred to as "Design Mode" in rest of the post
==>Click on the "Posting" tab.
==>Under this "Posting" tab click on the "Edit Pages" tab.
==>Click on the "New page" button
==>Give a title for he page like "Labels"
==>and then click on "Publish Page" button

   Ensure that in the "design view" of blogger ,otherwise click on the "Pages" gadget and rearrange so that "Pages" gadget appears below the header gadget.Ensure that "Save" the design after editing.
Add the labels gadget. To do that you need to:-
==>Click on "Add a Gadget" link and add a new gadget "Labels" which is available under "Basics" menu.
==>Drag the "Labels" Rearrange as required so that it appears just above "Blog Posts" gadget and below "Pages" gadget

Step 4:-
Edit the code so that the label code appears only in the "Labels page and not the main page of the blog"
==>Click on "Edit HTML" link in "Design Mode"
==>Click on check box "Expand Widget Templates"
==>Search and Locate  your label widget.It should look something like this
<b:widget id='Label1' locked='false' title='Labels' type='Label'>
==>Add the following "if condition" nestle it within   your gadget/widget tags so that the xml structure is well formed and then ensure that the ending if tag is added in the right place as shown below.You can then "Save Template"
 If your xml is not well formed then the page will display an error. My advise is to exit the "Design Mode" and repeat Step 4 otherwise it will mess up your blog.
<b:widget id='Label1' locked='false' title='Labels' type='Label'>
<b:includable id='main'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;URLOFYOURLABLEPAGE&quot;'>
Finally you will have a beautiful tag cloud which you can use to browse your blog. Try out the label tab at the top of this blog to get a feel of it.


  1. can you please send me details for
    "Create Label or Tag Cloud In a New Page In Blogger

  2. The above post describes the way to do it

  3. Tag clouds are must for SEO. 

    Followed these simple steps and added tag cloud to my blog seamlessly. 


  4.  glad that you found the post useful

  5. Thanks so much! This really helped me.

    1. Wait, it doesn't work. It creates the list of labels on the other page, sure, but the list of labels still occurs on the main page, too. I just want it on the separate page.

  6. @CallMePagliacci3- as described above all we need to add is a simple "if" condition and check whether the page/url is the page where you need to display your label or tag cloud.If it is not working you may try restoring your template and try again

  7. Hello ,
    Your post is really a gem.
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  8. Hey, thanks for the post. But I've tried this a billion times, followed everything word to word, but it doesn't work. Any thoughts as to what I may be doing wrong?

  9. Blogger platform has changed a lot since this post was made:-
    ==>Country specific urls were implemented. So this solution works only for one of the hundreds of urls you blog may be exposed to.
    ==>the layout / theme/template i am using is a very old one. The latest one may not support this code.
    ==> you may have done some mistake and you can now "revert" the template back and try again

  10. Hey vaz, I just tried this on my blog, and it worked. I'm not code savvy at all, so thank you so much. I am wondering how the country specific url issue plays out-- Thank you so much!

  11. This post was written before country specific redirection was implemented. All we are trying to do is to show the widget when the url is in browser is pointing to the"label page". As you have guessed correctly ,you will probably need to repeat the "if" conditions for all the country specific redirections. If you own a domain then it would work well as there would be no country specific url.

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