Sunday, 25 September 2011

Wormhole,Time warp,Teleportation on Roads ?

Wormhole,Time warp on Roads ?

    The other day i was riding my bike when suddenly i felt that i had reached half way point to my destination quite quickly and felt that i had actually warped from one location to another.I had similar experiences before.Then i realized that there are certain coincidences when this happens:-
==>The route taken by me a often one which i would have used many times.
==>There would be fair amount of traffic on the roads and i would be solely concentrating on the vehicles and road ahead rather than having a glimpse at the various landmarks dotting the route.
  This leads me to a conclusion that my muscles have automatically tuned to the particular route and  then body automatically turns the vehicles at appropriate turns purely based on muscle memory which is quite astounding. On the other hand if one needs to take the correct turns on roads which one travels through, less often then one would be more watchful so as to not miss a turn therby missing the portal gate to the wormhole :-)

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