Sunday, 25 September 2011

How To Restart Network service in openSUSE ,GNOME ?

 Some times your internet becomes intolerably slow after long hours of browsing.Then you my need to clear cache using a handy tool like bleachbit.
After that you may feel like restarting network service alone  without restarting your computer.

 There are two ways to restart you network service:-
==>Through gnome-terminal :- You should open a new terminal by either right clicking on your nautilus[window manager/file explorer] and "opening in Terminal" or by pressing "Alt+F2" and typing in "gnome-terminal". After entering the terminal{ unfortunately you cannot catch a train or flight here :-) } you need to type in "sudo /etc/init.d/network restart". It will prompt you you to type in your admin password and the terminal will restart your service. Once the process is finished you can close the terminal

==>Through command launch window:-
 On  keying in the "Alt+F2" a launch window will appear.There you can type in "gnomesu /etc/init.d/network restart". It will prompt you you to type in your admin password and the network service will restart in the background.The advantage of former approach is you will get to know what your system is actually doing through the log being displayed in the terminal.In this approach you just assume that after a few seconds your network service would have restarted.I can confirm this by continuously refreshing a webpage in my browser.The browser will suddenly be unable to load the page.Then after sometime the internet will be "UP" again

Checkout :- Systemd version version of restarting Network Service

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  1. Juergen Meixner5 March 2015 at 01:38

    Well, as long as it works it is cool, but when it fails ... it's a mess.



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