Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Remove Annoying "Universal Access Settings" menu from GNOME 3.X

 I have been looking for a way to remove the annoying "universal Access Settings/Accessibility Icon" menu from Top Panel in GNOME 3.X and finally found it in "ArchWiki".

The solution works in openSUSE 11.4/GNOME 3.X(GNOME 3.0.2) as of date

Steps to remove the Icon/Menu:-

Step 1:-
Create a folder named  noa11y.icon@panel.ui  in 
<HOME>/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions (or) ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions

Step 2:-
Create two new files inside the folder:

    File: ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/noa11y.icon@panel.ui/extension.js

    const Panel = imports.ui.panel;

    function main() {

    File: ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/noa11y.icon@panel.ui/metadata.json

      "shell-version": ["3.0"],
      "uuid": "noa11y.icon@panel.ui",
      "name": "na11y",
      "description": "Turn off the ally icon in the panel"

Step 3:-
Restart the GNOME shell.

Press Alt+F2 and in the "pop up" command line type in 'r' without quotes and then hit return key or the "Enter Key"
Viola no more "Accessibility Icon"

Edit : 01DEC2011 :- If you are on  openSUSE 12.1 there is an easier way to do this.Check out this post Step 6


  1. Works for me here on Fedora 15. Thanks!

  2. @Matthew Booth-Glad that it worked

  3. not working on gnome-shell version even though i did change the extension version to "". Any idea what's wrong? any tips and tweak on the codes for extension.js to have it work?

  4. Nvm, I found a way to disable the Access Universal Setting on Ubuntu by edit and comment one line in


    Comment line that contain:
    'a11y': imports.ui.status.accessibility.ATIndicator,

    This will do the tricks even though it is not the best practice.

  5. @Gunblade IV - Thanks for providing the work around

  6. doesn't work on gnome-shell 3.4.0

  7.  This post was made when shell version was about 3.0
    An alternative solution is provided in this post:-

  8. I want to add  my own  new customize setting in this menu? is it possible ,if yes then how?

  9.  what kind of customised setting do you want ? Please be more specific

  10.  i want to add  new feature in universal access setting panel  that will open particular application for eg.Eekboard . 

  11.  Hi Super hero / Yogesh, i have given you a kind of workaround in this article that i have written :- .I hope that it would answer your query.



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