Wednesday, 31 August 2011

ISP Vs Linux User


Part I :-

My Internet Service provider (henceforth referred to as ISP) is repeatedly mailing me to get free antivirus package :-)

"By upgrading now, you will be enjoying the following:
  • Free bundled Single Anti-Virus License."
Why would i require a Anti virus license if i am using Linux?It is a total no brainer.

Part II :-

 Also whenever i have a broadband outage and report the issue with the call centre guys

==>They would ask me whether the network icon in the system tray is blinking.Since I use "ifup" instead of network manager on GNOME obviously I wouldn't be able to see a network connection icon.

 ==>Then they request me to clear cache ,history blah ,blash{right click on internet explorer icon etc}

==>Then as part of their next sermon they ask me to Press start button==>Run==>cmd,After which i would interrupt them and  tell them politely that i am not using windows but Linux.They pause for second then repeat start saying "Press start button==>Run==>cmd".They either think i am an idiot or they don't want to understand what i am saying.
I bet Half of the ISP support personnel don't know what an OS is.

 It is high time that  Indian ISPs should review their support policies towards  Linux and MAC users. I definitely think as the number of internet users grow in India the size of the niche segment into which I fall will definitely grow in numbers.I would say that this is a sort of discrimination if ISPs continue to work in this fashion.

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