Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Curious Case of Zaheer and India

Just like the film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" where the film protagonist ages backwards which is most unbelievable,the same is the case with Zaheer Khan's performance and Indian Cricket Team.The is strange relationship between the his poor bowling and team's losing chances.It is a strange but the synergy is undeniable.

I was pondering about the humiliating defeat that the Indian cricket team was handed down by the English team(2011 Pataudi Series),when it dawned upon me that there is peculiar relationship between this series and ODI world cup final of 2003.I find strange similarities between Lord's test in 2011 Pataudi Trophy and 2003 ODI World Cup final.

==>Both matches are important as far as the series is concerned.

==>In the current series the unfit zaheer khan bowled only 14 overs and bowed out of the rest of the remaining 1s test on day one of the test.

==>Similarly in 2003 world cup Zaheer bowled a horrendous first over ceding 15 runs to Australia

==>Indians handed the Test Crown to the English in the 2011 Pataudi trophy

==>Indians handed the ODI Crown to the Australia in the 2003 ODI World Cup

==>In both the series 2003 ODI world cup as well 2011 Pataudi series India were considered the front runners

==>Zaheer khan opened the bowling in both cases

==>India won the toss on both the times and chose to field

==>The current Indian captain as well the one in 2003 were considered one of the very best were highly rated

==>Both occasions India was playing away from home and in iconic famous grounds "The Wanderers Stadium"Johannesburg,South Africa(2003)and Lord's Cricket Ground,London(2011)

In the next important match of the series that Indians play they should do the following to avoid humiliating defeats be it a test ,ODI or T20 or whatever new format they invent in future like T10,T5 etc:-

==>BCCI must haggle with ICC to get to play at a newly built stadium

==>Avoid winning toss

==>Even if they win the toss opt to bat instead of choosing to field

==>Ask some one else other than Zaheer to open the bowling in the event that they are asked to field first after the opposing team wins the toss and opts to bat first

==>BCCI can ask press to write articles telling the current team is weak and so on

==>BCCI can request ICC to drop Indian team a few places down in the ranking on the eve of the match

==>Appoint a stand in captain for the match and give the current captain(who would be certainly a very highly accomplished cricketer himself) a paid vacation to Alps or some remote location


  1. Remove Dhoni and Make Sourav a Non Playing Captain of Test team till his luck runs out in other formats

  2. People please go through this Written under my Pen name : Alan Tyers

  3. @Sankara
    I never knew that Sankara spelt "Alan Tyers" ;-)



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