Saturday, 6 November 2010

Playing "World Cup Cricket" on openSUSE 11.3/GNOME

World Cup Cricket ( WCC ) is one of my favourite DOS games ever.
When I migrated to openSUSE/GNOME(Linux) from Windows I missed the game a lot.
Today I tried to install this game and was successful in installing and playing the game.

All I one has to do is :-
    • Install dosbox using YaST."dosbox" is found under Packman and OSS repositories.One can it's features here :- Check out "Dosbox" here .One may use the one click links in that page to install the software too
    •  Then get the game here :- 1.)Download Link 1 2.) Download link 2
    • Then hit "Alt+F2" to launch "Run Application" window and run the command "dosbox<space>/<Application fullpath>/wcc.exe"

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