Thursday, 5 August 2010

Japan summer heat wave blamed for 66 deaths,wonder how many will die if Japanese were in India

During Summers in India the mercury regularly shoots past 44 degrees Celsius and remains in forties for nearly 2 to 3 months.I was browsing through article in yahoo which was referring to deaths in Japan due to supposedly extreme heat of of 35 degrees Celsius

A blistering summer heat wave in Japan has sent 15,000 people to hospital with heat stroke and caused at least 66 deaths in the past two months, the government said Tuesday.

Japan has baked since the rainy season ended in early July, with the mercury hitting 35 degrees Celsius (95 Fahrenheit) or higher at more than 90 percent of nationwide observation points Sunday, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

In the week to Sunday alone, 9,436 people across the island-nation were taken to hospitals and 57 of them were confirmed killed by heat stroke, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency said.

The previous most deadly known heatwave came in 2008, the first year data was kept, when 47 people were killed in July and August, said the agency. Last year, 16 people were killed by heat in those two months.

I am wondering as to how many Japanese will die if they were in INDIA.


  1. I'm just wondering if India also has 90% humidity?

  2. Depends on how close you are living to the coast :-)



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