Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Chanced upon watching a Japanese film by name "Departures"(Okuribito).
Was a moving story.Film featured airtight screenplay,story.
After watching the film i started searching for reviews of the movie and was amazed to find that the film has won the Oscar Foreign Language Film category in 2009.

Things i like about the movie:-

==>Good acting
==>Some nice scenes showing feeding Geese and Salmon swimming up river
==>Stone Letter.
According to the film:-
:: Stone Letter ::
In the ancient times,
before humans invented writing.
They searched for the stone that,
resembled their feelings
and gave it to another person.
The person who received the stone,
read the other person’s feelings by the weight and texture of the stone.
For example: Smooth texture symbolizes peaceful mind,rough texture symbolizes a concerns for other.
==>Embalming scenes

For detailed reviews visit IMDB-Departures

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