Monday, 23 March 2009

Easy Way To Step Up Your Torrent Download Speed

This is a very simple trick to improve the speed of your current torrent download.The basic thing behind torrent downloading is that each downloader will in-turn be an uploader(in the strict sense offcourse,don't want to talk about leechers"worst scum on planet").

All you have to do is copy your torrent "hash" code and type in a search engine of your choice,and voila you get many trackers which logically must have more seeders.Then all you have to do is add the new trackers to your already downloading torrent.It is as simple as it gets.In case of "uTorrent",if you open the ".torrent" file with it it will ask you whether it can add the new trackers automatically,don't know much about other client where you may need to manually add the new trackers to your clients.

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