Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Google Browser?

Now that is something.We are all smitten by the google search.Many people don't even know that other search engines exist.Google is almost become synonymous with the search engine it owns.

Then google came out with google maps,online documents and now it is browser.I wold very much like to watch how it fares.

Here is the home page of the site from where one can download Google Chrome,well for the uninitiated that is the name of the google's search engine.

Click here to Download Google Chrome

It is rumored that it heavily borrows features from safari and firefox.Whatever might be the case , i would like to see how does it fare in the heavily competitive market of internet browsers.

Currently there are pretty good browsers out there like firefox and it versions like flock etc,seamonkey,Opera,Safari,netscape and lastly IE and browsers based on it like maxthon.

In my opinion it is very unlikely that it would be all of them in features , speed , security and reliability and usage value.

Not to forget and important aspect like addons for mozilla or rather gecko based browsers like seamonkey and firefox or widgets in case of Opera.Google new browser better be equipped to handle addons like these,otherwise it is highly unlikely that it would survive

For now let us wait and watch.

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