Friday, 4 April 2008

Food For Thought?

Was random shifting through the web when this article where "Bon Appetit" was mentioned in 23 languages . Felt that it was interesting . So I am sharing it here .

How to say Bon Appétit in 23 other Languages

Food for thought:
Probably all languages have formulaic utterances which are said on certain occasions, e.g. French 'bon appétit!' – "good appetite" said to guests at the dinner table, or French 'bon voyage' – "good trip", said to travellers. The fact that some of these have been borrowed into English from other languages, like French, is indicative of the fact that English does not have ready-made concise equivalent formulas for these occasions.

Commonly used substitutes in English are: 'Enjoy your Meal!' or perhaps the host saying: 'Do start' or 'Don't wait'.

Here are some some equivalents in other Languages:

CatalanBon profit!
CroatianDobar tek!
DutchSmakelijk eten!
FrenchBon appétit!
GermanGuten appetit!
Hebrew (transliterated)Bete'avon!
HungarianJó étvágyat!
ItalianBuon appetito!
Japanese (transliterated)Itadakimas!
Korean (transliterated)Mani deuseyo!
LithuanianGero apetito!/Skanaus!
Modern Greek (transliterated)Kale orexe!
NorwegianVær så god!
PersianNoosh-e jan!
PortugueseBom apetite!
Russian (transliterated)Priiatnogo appetita!
Serbian (transliterated)Prijatno!
Spanish¡Buen provecho!
SwedishSmaklig måltid!
TurkishAfiyet olson!
Yiddish (transliterated)Est gezunterhayt!

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