Saturday, 29 March 2008

What I like about Safari


Yes , people finally safari browser is available for windows and it is damn fast and the UI is very good.I tested it out when it was in beta stages but it crashed a few times (probably because of my low virtual memory). Now in its latest supposedly 3.1 release it is awesome.

You can download it here : Download Safari

So the pluses are:-
==>Great UI
==>Great Speed
==>Good Spell and grammar checker
==>The pages look much better in it as the font-faces are pleasant.

Wait there is something more:Only for Geeks though:-

Go to Edit Menu==>Advanced Tab==>Check the check box named "show Develop Menu" and viola it is a web developers dream come true.

How to effectively use this advanced feature

Step 1;-Go to any web page,

Step 2 :-Click Develop menu

Step 3 :-Things you can do here are many like :-Set Default web browser ,make the safari identify itself as plethora of other browsers like IE7,IE6,Firefox,Opera etc:,also shows how the page will show up on your iphone,

Step 4 :-Then you can disable variety of stuff like javascript,cache,images etc:

Step 5 :-Most important feature is the web inspector through which you can see all the CSS(in-fact see the content),images,java script codes

Step 6 :-The Network Tab is of particular interest to all those video downloaders from sites, yes people it shows you the url of the video that is showing up in the web page,Just copy paste this video url in your favourite downloader and viola,instant video downloads

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