Friday, 8 February 2008

How To Download Embedded Videos

Here are the series of steps one must follow to download embedded videos in sites.
Step 1:-
Install either firefox or seamonkey(I continue this tutorial with seamonkey here onwards)
Get Firefox at (
Get Seamonkey at(
Step 2:-
Get a good download manager like Freedownloadmanager(,DAP
Step 3:-
Open seamonkey and go to this url (
Install the extension and restart your browser
Step 4:-
Go to your favourite web page which plays embedded videos
Step 5:-
Open adblock from tools menu.
Step 6:-
Click add a filter and open the drop down menu in the new filter wizard
Step 7:-
Look for urls which end with .flv,.mkv,.avi or any other media file extensions etc:
Step 8:-
Copy that url and add that to your favourite download manager and start downloading your videos.
Happy downloading

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