Saturday, 1 November 2008

Added Dictionary

Everybody needs to know meanings for words.Also felt that it is a useful tool.Hence added it

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Portable Applications

Found this great site which has heaps of portable applications that can be extracted and used on flash drive.The software available range from browsers ,audio players to cool software like simulators.Get your portable apps here:- Applications

Friday, 17 October 2008

Just Evaluated Worth Of My Blog

There is this site i found while browsing which claims to evaluate worth of sites.
Here are the results for my site:-

My site is worth $1686.3.
How much is yours worth?

One can try this out for their own site here:-Evaluate Your Site Now

Really Liked playing this game,Simple game play


Who Says Graffiti Is Bad?


Pigeon by ~IvoryDrive on deviantART

Friday, 3 October 2008

Check out Plan



I want you to take a look at : Plan

Answer a simple quiz and help Bihar flood victims

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Testing A New Media Player

Nowadays we find a lot of media players and codec+mediaplayer combinations that promise that they play all types of video/audio files.But in the end they just aren't upto the mark.

Here is a quick collection of various file formats that you can download and use to check whether a player indeed is able to play all file formats.|_DivX.avi|

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Close DVD /CD door using shortcuts

Easy solution to a pesky problem of closing cd/dvd doors

Download the following file NIRCMD

Step2:Extarct the files into a convinient location like
"C:\Program Files\CDUtility\"

Right click on desktop and click on create short cut menu and type the following

"C:\Program Files\CDUtility\nircmd.exe" cdrom close h:

Here ==>h: represents the drive to be closed.

Press Next and give the shortcut a name like "Close CD-ROM" etc

The above "exe" also performs various cool functions.You can read the help file in the "zip" file or archive you have downloaded.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Google Browser?

Now that is something.We are all smitten by the google search.Many people don't even know that other search engines exist.Google is almost become synonymous with the search engine it owns.

Then google came out with google maps,online documents and now it is browser.I wold very much like to watch how it fares.

Here is the home page of the site from where one can download Google Chrome,well for the uninitiated that is the name of the google's search engine.

Click here to Download Google Chrome

It is rumored that it heavily borrows features from safari and firefox.Whatever might be the case , i would like to see how does it fare in the heavily competitive market of internet browsers.

Currently there are pretty good browsers out there like firefox and it versions like flock etc,seamonkey,Opera,Safari,netscape and lastly IE and browsers based on it like maxthon.

In my opinion it is very unlikely that it would be all of them in features , speed , security and reliability and usage value.

Not to forget and important aspect like addons for mozilla or rather gecko based browsers like seamonkey and firefox or widgets in case of Opera.Google new browser better be equipped to handle addons like these,otherwise it is highly unlikely that it would survive

For now let us wait and watch.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Eco Browser

The usage of the word "ECO" has come a long way. When i was in school "eco" world referred to ecology(ecolological cycles and stuff).Then "eco" term became synonymous with conservation of trees and animals.Then it came to be associated to aything which was derived from nature.Then came the so called "Eco" products.

And now the "eco" stands for eco-browser:-Flock-Eco Edition

Friday, 4 April 2008

Food For Thought?

Was random shifting through the web when this article where "Bon Appetit" was mentioned in 23 languages . Felt that it was interesting . So I am sharing it here .

How to say Bon Appétit in 23 other Languages

Food for thought:
Probably all languages have formulaic utterances which are said on certain occasions, e.g. French 'bon appétit!' – "good appetite" said to guests at the dinner table, or French 'bon voyage' – "good trip", said to travellers. The fact that some of these have been borrowed into English from other languages, like French, is indicative of the fact that English does not have ready-made concise equivalent formulas for these occasions.

Commonly used substitutes in English are: 'Enjoy your Meal!' or perhaps the host saying: 'Do start' or 'Don't wait'.

Here are some some equivalents in other Languages:

CatalanBon profit!
CroatianDobar tek!
DutchSmakelijk eten!
FrenchBon appétit!
GermanGuten appetit!
Hebrew (transliterated)Bete'avon!
HungarianJó étvágyat!
ItalianBuon appetito!
Japanese (transliterated)Itadakimas!
Korean (transliterated)Mani deuseyo!
LithuanianGero apetito!/Skanaus!
Modern Greek (transliterated)Kale orexe!
NorwegianVær så god!
PersianNoosh-e jan!
PortugueseBom apetite!
Russian (transliterated)Priiatnogo appetita!
Serbian (transliterated)Prijatno!
Spanish¡Buen provecho!
SwedishSmaklig måltid!
TurkishAfiyet olson!
Yiddish (transliterated)Est gezunterhayt!

Source :-

Saturday, 29 March 2008

What I like about Safari


Yes , people finally safari browser is available for windows and it is damn fast and the UI is very good.I tested it out when it was in beta stages but it crashed a few times (probably because of my low virtual memory). Now in its latest supposedly 3.1 release it is awesome.

You can download it here : Download Safari

So the pluses are:-
==>Great UI
==>Great Speed
==>Good Spell and grammar checker
==>The pages look much better in it as the font-faces are pleasant.

Wait there is something more:Only for Geeks though:-

Go to Edit Menu==>Advanced Tab==>Check the check box named "show Develop Menu" and viola it is a web developers dream come true.

How to effectively use this advanced feature

Step 1;-Go to any web page,

Step 2 :-Click Develop menu

Step 3 :-Things you can do here are many like :-Set Default web browser ,make the safari identify itself as plethora of other browsers like IE7,IE6,Firefox,Opera etc:,also shows how the page will show up on your iphone,

Step 4 :-Then you can disable variety of stuff like javascript,cache,images etc:

Step 5 :-Most important feature is the web inspector through which you can see all the CSS(in-fact see the content),images,java script codes

Step 6 :-The Network Tab is of particular interest to all those video downloaders from sites, yes people it shows you the url of the video that is showing up in the web page,Just copy paste this video url in your favourite downloader and viola,instant video downloads

Saturday, 22 March 2008

URL Shortening

Hi friends,just added a service called Tiny Url to my blog.
Many of you would of faced the problem of copying and pasting links which are too long.
The problem can be solved by just pasting the long url in the toolbox attached to this blog and generate tiny urls.

For example i created one for my blog "" which was

You can know about url shortening here :-Url Shortening

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Cool FX,Pitch feature in Jet Audio

Just was listening to some songs in Jet Audio when i discovered the cool FX and Pitch features were damn good.You could listen to songs sung by female artists and also see how they would appear if they are sung by male artist by decreasing the pitch.Some songs sounded much better if the pitches were varied.

Also the Fx features is quite good.Infact many songs sounded cool with added effects.

Get JetAudio/Video player here

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Saw an interesting video

Just saw an interesting video while browsing and thought that i would put it up here for others to see

Friday, 15 February 2008

US to Shoot Down Broken Spy Satellite

It seems that US is going to shoot down the spy Satellite that is going to fall on earth.The following is an excerpt from AOL

     Taking a page from Hollywood science fiction, the Pentagon said Thursday it will
try to shoot down a dying, bus-size U.S. spy satellite loaded with toxic fuel on
a collision course with the Earth. The military hopes to smash the satellite as
soon as next week - just before it enters Earth's atmosphere - with a single
missile fired from a Navy cruiser in the northern Pacific Ocean.

I hope this new procedure if successful would help humanity one day to shoot down asteroids and other bodies when they threaten earth.
Also if man migrates to space like in gundam series and spacenoids drop colonies,asteroids onto earth when we have space wars we can blast them using missiles :-)

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Attached country codes tool to footer

I found this very useful site which gives information on how people from one country can place a call to numbers other than their own.I have added the site tool to the footer. Just click the footer and it will take you to a page which has two selection boxes where you have to choose the country from where you are dialing and the country to which you want to make a call.Then the webpage shows you as to how to dial the number.I hope people would find it useful.

Friday, 8 February 2008

How To Download Embedded Videos

Here are the series of steps one must follow to download embedded videos in sites.
Step 1:-
Install either firefox or seamonkey(I continue this tutorial with seamonkey here onwards)
Get Firefox at (
Get Seamonkey at(
Step 2:-
Get a good download manager like Freedownloadmanager(,DAP
Step 3:-
Open seamonkey and go to this url (
Install the extension and restart your browser
Step 4:-
Go to your favourite web page which plays embedded videos
Step 5:-
Open adblock from tools menu.
Step 6:-
Click add a filter and open the drop down menu in the new filter wizard
Step 7:-
Look for urls which end with .flv,.mkv,.avi or any other media file extensions etc:
Step 8:-
Copy that url and add that to your favourite download manager and start downloading your videos.
Happy downloading

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Man sued for going green

Eddie House canceled his garbage-collection service, saying he doesn’t produce much trash. Now, San Carlos has sued him, saying the city the has a municipal code that requires all residential, commercial and industrial properties to contract with Allied Waste for pickup at least once a week.

Source :-

Monday, 4 February 2008

Open Drive In New Window,Unable To Access Hidden Files

Finally I narrowed down upon the culprits causing the problems mentioned in the heading.

The trick to solve the problem is to use third party windows folder viewers.I recommend usage of 7zip's( explorer view.

Also it would be better if you could get hold of any file erasing software like Eraser(

Browse each drive root(Eg :- C;\,d:\ etc) using 7zip explorer window. The culprits are autorun.inf , some *.bat file with name starting with letter 'w'.Delete them using eraser.

Also look into c:\windows\system32 folder where the culprits for disabling access to hidden folders are present.They are called tavo.exe,tavo.dll,kav0.dll,kavo.exe etc and another oddly named exes.It would be a peculiar name.So you can find it easily

To restore the hidden files option use this command in command mode
"regsvr32 /i shell32.dll"

These viruses spread usually through thumb drives.So be careful while using thumb drives in others systems.

If you have any problem in cleaning leave a message in the shoutbox or leave me a message in meebo widget or you can leave your comments here.

P.S. Attempt to do this only if you are fully are aware of the fact that you are not deleting windows system files like ntldr etc:Otherwise you will be in for bigger trouble like forced to reinstall windows.

Monday, 28 January 2008

USA has done it again

First in 1979 it was Skylab of which control was lost and it fell to earth ,now a large US spy satellite is going to crash onto earth.The thing is no one knows where it it will crash.
If they know it then the US govt is obliged to let the world know the details.

For more details go here

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Happy Repulic Day

Wow , it has been now more than 58 years since India became a republic .Every year the Republic day parade aired on DD is one of my favourite programs.Watching the parade makes us feel proud about our country's military achievements ,its cultural diversity etc: I hope this year too the parade will be fabulous.

Friday, 25 January 2008


There was this nagging malware in my systems IE which changed the home page to found the removal tool for it here

You must just download an executable file and execute it and viola it gets removed.Thanks to that link i was able to solve the problem

This executable requires library of VB6 which can be downloaded here

Hope this post is useful for someone suffering because of this problem

Friday, 18 January 2008

Spot this heavenly body

When i saw these image of mercury that were posted on the net i thought that these were those of moon.

But on further investigation found that these were those of mercury which wre relayed back to earth by a car-sized spacecraft that zipped past Mercury in a Monday flyby and it had relayed more than 1,200 new images and other data back to eager scientists on Earth.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Focus Should be on public or private mode of transportation

With the arrival of every man's cars in india from reputed stables(TATA,BAJAJ) Indian roads which are already heavily congested in all major cities are going to suffer even more.

Indian government must focus on providing the public with cheaper means of transport like public buses ,metros and electric trains.

Also public transport will cause far less pollution

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Worst Gadgets

Many of us will have encountered surveys about best gadgets.But here is the complete list of worst gadgets which Wii Fishing Rod,The Fish Cam

For complete list visit


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