Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Panacea Of Indian Cricket

It seems cricketers when they get accustomed to any one of the three forms of cricket their form in others suffer.Though India won the T-20 World cup they could not win the 7 match ODI series against Australia but they could win the only T-20 match played after the ODI series quite conmfortably.

So summarising that Indian cricketers can concentrate on only one form of the game why not have one team each of 14 players for each form of game(i.e.One team each for Tests,ODIS,T-20) and build up specialized team.

This would have following advantages :-
==>Players need not adapt to other formats
==>Large talent pool of players
==>Better utilization of talent as more players get chance in the Indian team.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Gundam Mania?

Lately I have been watching Gundam series on the web. I am a die hard gundam fan and i love both series. They are
==>Gundam X and
==>Victory Gundam

On completion of Victory Gundam i would have completed 5 Gundam series
==>Gundam Original
==>Gundam Zeta
==>Gundam ZZ
==>Gundam X
==>Gundam Victory

Looking forward to see the Gundam Seed series and gundam short films.
The official Gundam site has some cool specs about the mechs in the series

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Australia Back With Vengence??

Australians have scored two 300 plus totals in back to back matches against Indians in the recent ODI series.They look like a more commited side than in the T-20 world cup.Dhoni is facing his first real test after capturing captainship from Dravid.I hope he fares well.Australians are looking more like a pack of hungry wolves ready to tear apart Dhoni and his men in blue(Apparently i like team india in tights like in hollywood flick Robin Hood: Men in Tights)


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