Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Light Always At The End Of Tunnel ?

Think of the situation where after a gruelling day at work , you leave office , tired and hungry and you leave office at odd hours and then without warning all hell breaks lose . Your 2wheeler refuses to start and you are stuck outside city and you are 16 kms away from your house and it is getting late . I tried pressing self start and kicking the kicker .Then i pushed up the steep ramp up from the basement parking.Started pushing my vehicle.Every now and then desperately kicked and pressed the start button.I continued like that for 2 kms.Some auto guys wanted to help me and they almost broke my kicker .They insisted that i take their help . The only mistake i did was to ask them as to there was any mechanic shop nearby . Stupid fools . one kept pressing the self start . Other kicked the kicker . Total mayhem . It was dark all around on the highway and i had to puit up with them as they were 4 of them . Then after i pushed my vehicle for 4 to 5 kms did i try to start it once more when a miracle happened and it started . Thank God otherwise i would have been too tired the next day and i would have missed office.

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