Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Wind In The Hair ?? More Like Soil In The Hair

It is probably the first time in 3 months that i drove my two wheeler home from office without a helmet.It felt good like that for some time.But as i increased the speed the wind started blowing into the ears and the buzzing sound began to bug me.Also when i reached home i felt that my hair had collected lot more dirt than usual.Also it began to itch.My eyes were also dry and and corners of the eyes have collected a lot of dirt.Then i realised that wearing helmet and goggles are useful to us in more ways than one while driving apart from protecting us from fatal accidents.Helmets and goggles protect us from dirt,sound on the roads,also cold winds blowing at nights.So i recommend all to wear them while driving two wheelers.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

One Of The Earliest Computer Ads Features Kevin Costner

We have come a long way with computers.Looking at where we are now, that was a "prophetic" commercial, and was well done.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Miss Teen South Carolina Calls 911

Miss Teen South Carolina Calls 911????
Miss Teen South Carolina once again demonstrates grace under pressure.

Man And Fish Can Coexist ?Dumb Vs Dumber

Welcome to the show.Today we have what you were waiting for for so long.
The much anticipated show Miss Carolina Vs Bush or should i
say dumb vs dumber? is on now

Two of America's great minds go head to head.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Russia Tests World's Most Powerful Vacuum Bomb. (September 12)

Russia tests what its says is the world's most powerful vacuum bomb. (September 12)

We have heard of vacuum tubes , picture tubes but Vacuum bombs . This is news

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Speed Thrills But Kills

Evey time i climb my two wheeler i feel that i must drive responsibly. But once I start riding the hands automatically start wringing the accelerator and I start riding recklessly. Also I think every driver faces this dilemma. I think we must blame the adrenaline for this. It looks like i am passing the buck. But I can't help it.


These are the messages that i got in yesterday while starting firefox.Then the fixefox closed up.This repeated for 4 or 5 times.Then i got fed up and switched to another browser.Today i found a fix at this blog.Hope you all can see that and benefit out of it.The fix works very well.

Blog Url For Firefox Worm Fix

Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Well The drama continues in Indian cricket. BCCI is desperate to keep its tight grip on Indian cricket whereas ICL hopes to give the six-team league a foothold in the India market. We have been hearing a lot about Indian Cricket League (ICL). BCCI bosses are not happy with ICL. They are not even ready to recognize ICL and trying their best to derail ICL. While both BCCI and ICL take pot shots at each other the main benefactors seem to the players.Here is what ponting had to say about ICL :-
Ponting: ICL may lure cricketers into early retirement
Ricky Ponting has hit out at the proposed Indian Cricket League (ICL), saying the million-dollar series threatens to tempt ageing cricketers into early retirement while luring youngsters away from national duty.
“It’s only a concern if there is huge money involved in it. If this sort of stuff gets off the ground, these guys won’t even be playing with their mates, they’ll be thrown into made-up teams. You’ll be out there by yourself and trying to win some money,” Ponting was quoted as saying by the Herald Sun.

So the main question is "Whether this situation benefit indian cricket or not ? Also Will this curb the rot in INDIAN cricket?" These questions remain to be answered.Guess people in INDIA must wait and watch as the drama unfolds.

Dogpile Search Added

Well people , I have added dogpile search box to this blog . It is my favourite search engine because one i like its blue theme and also the dog motif on the home page . Also it is a meta search engine(Queries other search engines and displays results from those).I like the "search history" feature where one can see all the searches one has done previously.I find this feature useful at times . Now people visiting blog can check dogpile out from the dogpile search I added to this page .

Google's Obsession With White Colour

Well i think google as a company likes all its websites to feature a white background.To cite a few examples we have the search engine,gmail,google groups and picasa.The only popular site that was predominantly featuring a pinkish theme was orkut and hence the think tank at google got cranking and viola orkut changes theme based on white.People like me find the new theme not so appealing as the old one.I have been in orkut for over 6 months now and i feel the older theme was pleasant and strikes the right chord.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Miss South Carolina Again

Miss Teen USA 2007 South Carolina Is My Hero!?????

This video is funny . Jimmy Kimmel breaks down what Miss South Carolina had to say on the Miss Teen USA awards show.

Miss Teen USA 2007 Caitlin Upton from South Carolina visits "Today show" to answer the map question right

Light Always At The End Of Tunnel ?

Think of the situation where after a gruelling day at work , you leave office , tired and hungry and you leave office at odd hours and then without warning all hell breaks lose . Your 2wheeler refuses to start and you are stuck outside city and you are 16 kms away from your house and it is getting late . I tried pressing self start and kicking the kicker .Then i pushed up the steep ramp up from the basement parking.Started pushing my vehicle.Every now and then desperately kicked and pressed the start button.I continued like that for 2 kms.Some auto guys wanted to help me and they almost broke my kicker .They insisted that i take their help . The only mistake i did was to ask them as to there was any mechanic shop nearby . Stupid fools . one kept pressing the self start . Other kicked the kicker . Total mayhem . It was dark all around on the highway and i had to puit up with them as they were 4 of them . Then after i pushed my vehicle for 4 to 5 kms did i try to start it once more when a miracle happened and it started . Thank God otherwise i would have been too tired the next day and i would have missed office.


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