Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How to Add Your Blogger Post To Search Engines ?

 What should one do after making a post in blogger ? Well,the obvious answer is to promote the blog post in blog aggregation sites ,share it in social sites in facebook and twitter.Finally ,one also needs to submit them to Search Engines  like Goggle and Bing to increase the chances of your posts showing up in the search results. If this is not done then there is likely hood that you posts may not show up in the search results

Add Your Post To Google Index
 You need to navigate to your dashboard in blogger site and then scroll down and look for "Webmaster Tools" under Other Stuff ==> Tools and Resources.
Alternatively your can use the following direct link

  On clicking the webmaster link it will take you t a page where your blogger site would have been automatically added , provided you have logged in into the google account which you are using for maintaining your blog
   Open your blog in the tool and using  the tree menu on the left navigate to "Diagnostics" ==> "Fetch as Googlebot". You can index individual pages / posts and all links in the page.Make sure that you provide the relative URL of post in the text box and hit fetch. The tools will typically take a few seconds to fetch the post and when it shows that fetching is successful hit the link "URL and linked pages submitted to index" which is right next to the fetched post. If tools gives the message "Not found"on submitting the post then you have not provided the right / valid URL.

Submission of a post
Successful submission of a link to the Googlebot.
 There are limited number of submissions  that are available ,per week and you may get and error message if you exceed your limit / quota.

You can also use the following the links in your blogs  in mass under "Site Configuration" ==> "sitemaps" in the webmasters tool. You may need to re-submit the "sitemap" after making new posts.

Feed URLs for your blog:-

feeds/posts/default <== Brings recent posts
<== Brings up to 1000 recent posts.You can modify the max results parameter in the above link to adjust the number of posts

Sitemap Submission
Re - Submission

Add Your Post To Bing Index

 You need to go the Bing webmaster site and submit the main URL of your blogger site and complete the captcha dialogue and hope for the best.

Bing Webmaster Tools Page
Successful Bing Submission

Add To ASK

You can submit your site to ASK formerly known as AskJeeves search engine by using the pasting the below url in your address bar of your browser and hitting return or enter button.
==>You should first obtain the feed of you blogger site which would be something like:-
==>Then substitute it in the following url:-
==>If the submission is successful then you will get a successful message as shown below
==>If you need more info ,go here

Ping Like there is no tomorrow

 Yeah ,It is difficult to do all this each time you make a post. If there is no pain,there is no gain . Go to the following sites and submit your blog url and the full rss / atom feeds of your blog.You can instantly double your page rank and search visibility of your posts.

Tiny List Of Active pinging services:-

Note:- There is also a downside to doing these optimisations . Your site may actually be targeted by unnecessary referral traffic.

You may also use this link to submit to a entire gamut of search engines



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