Sunday, 11 September 2011

[Flash News]Lizard Stalker,red corner issued

  Interpals* has issued red corner notice for apprehending the alleged assailant and terror suspect .Interpals has released the above mug shot of the alleged repeat offender who has been  avoiding the internal security agencies dragnet for the past zillion months.

This picture is from the  time he was in custody of Mosqstatpol** when he was just a minor thug.He had reportedly escaped from custody by bribing the guards and nibbling a hole through the mosquito net.

 The criminal nicknamed "Lizzam" also known in close circles as  "The Gecko" and "Silver Tongue" has been spotted in the past lazing around on window sills,scurrying around on walls of houses,barks of trees and places his sticky padded feet takes him.Lizzam is considered to be armed and dangerous and a potential threat all species of insects . He is known to posses the Quickest Tongue in the Wild-Wild West.He is also rumoured  to be the homicidal killer and usually stalks his prey and finishes them off in one swipe of his long tongue. 

  All the insects have been henceforth been asked to report sightings of above criminal immediately to Interpals through a hundred digit international toll free hotline number [001345454545454545654565695...]

His name featured recently in a spate of incidents some of which are listed below:-
==>Sneaking into bathrooms and Peeking at humans who are bathing.
==>Para-trooping from the ceilings and landing on heads of humans and sending them to deaths [ popular belief among humans in some parts of the world]
==>Gobbling up those pesky flies whole and all
==>Pulling out and chewing at the legs of grasshoppers
==>Tearing off the inattentive miss cockroach and eating her up . Eye witnesses claim  that the poor miss cockroach was squealing trying to escape the clutches of evil villain.
==>Many unfortunate mayflies were caught in crossfire during a fierce tongue fight between Lizzam and fellow law offender Chameleon
==>He has been known to commit heinous crimes like raiding ant caravans pick up random individuals and snack on his hapless victims  that too in in broad day light

 Meanwhile in a related development HI*** has moved a petition and collected a million signatures seeking repeal of the "red corner" notice.Millions have poured onto the streets calling for repeal of the dastardly act of Interpals.A spokesperson of the above association has given us exclusive information stating that gecko has as a matter of  saved millions of humans by chewing up dewy gewy cockroaches and gobbling up blood sucking mosquitoes by the tons

*Interpals [International Pest Association Lackadaisical Security]
**Mosqstatpol [Mosquito State Police]
***HI [Homo Sapiens International]



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