Friday, 9 September 2011

A Commoner's Thoughts On Bomb blasts


  This post aims to capture the mental images /thoughts/actions that transpire  when a commoner like myself learns about bomb blasts like the ones that occurred in Delhi recently and Mumbai sometime ago


*As Soon as One comes to know about the news
==>Oh My God(Thought)

*After about half a second
==>Search for the relevant news on TV or Internet(Action)

*After about 20 seconds to 1 minute
==>Busy learning/reading/hearing(TV News) about the attack,where it occurred(Passive Action)
==>Some times lets out low shrieks (involuntary Action)

*After about 1 minute to 5 minutes
==>Begins to process the news (Thought)

*After about 6 minutes to 15 minutes
==>Talk about in detail with family or friends{awful,shouldn't spare the perpetrators,feel bad for the victims,blah...}(Action)
==>Feels relieved that he or she or his/her family or friends were nowhere near the blast site(Thought)

*After about 20 minutes
==> Thinks about the task one was doing before hearing the news(Thought)

*After about 25 minutes
==>Feels bad that the police forces,National Investigation Agency (NIA), RAW , CBI , Army Intelligence , and other myriad unknown security forces [damn they are too many of them !!!] had failed to prevent various attacks in the past as well the latest ones.(Thought)
==>Wonders as to how many such attacks have been happening recently (Thought)
==>Feels that tax payer's  money is going down the drain(Thought)

*After about 30 minutes
==>Feels tired after all the thinking ,talking, browsing internet(Thought)
==>Gets a coffee  (Action)

*After about 1 day when the investigative findings start pouring in
==>Takes  special interest in the news daily that is often lies about abandoned on the floor of the living room for most of the week (Action)
==>Feels that there is  some progress in the investigation and guilty must be punished after readings about the front page of the daily(Thought)
==>Feels that adequate security is needed where people congregate {there are too many damn places like that in his/her own city},almost impossible to provide adequate security at each of the locations.(Thought)
==>Feel that the busy localities in the  country should be covered by security cameras(Thought)

*After about 6 months to 12 months when the next bomb blast occurs
==>[Copy paste the above para]

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