Sunday, 7 August 2011

Famson (facebook) vs Googliath (google)

The latest internet rage is the fight between facebook and google
Its probably the third world war
The earlier world wars were fought for control of land and mining resources
The latest worldwar is for a piece of the internet traffic pie
The battle lines have been already drawn.
Pitched battle are being fought and here is the status of the war
==>Facebookland vs googleplus land has become a prime example of trench warfare
==>Google failed miserably in the "Buzz" land and the attempt fizzled out without a fuzz.
==>The Orkut fort lasted only till 2010 in india
==>Facebook has single handedly given death blows to all other competitors like hi5,myspace etc leaving only google in the fray
==>Facebok has made major gains in past few years of the war
==>Facebook alias samson(henceforth referred to as famson) is making huge headway against googliath bringing in more traffic to its site than google search site
==>To cover up early losses googliath has turned tide against famson by unearthing a major coup in the form of googleplusland
==>There also huge and large scale aerial bombing of ideas through "facebook like" and google "plus one"

One may join either of the forces in the below website.Happy browsing!!!!



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