Saturday, 24 July 2010

Ahimsa,mosquitoe bites

Read an interesting web article about ahimsa.It give you some answers about whether killing mosquitoes consists of himsa or violence.Here is the content :-

Questioner: What steps should we take to deal with all the bedbugs, mosquitoes and cockroaches in the house?

Dadashri: To prevent them from infesting the home, you should clean the home and keep it clean. You should catch the roaches, take them outside and throw them far away, but you should not kill them under any circumstance.
Once I was invited to a very prominent man’s home. He made the statement that bedbugs ought to be killed because they bite and suck blood. I asked him where it was written, that the bedbugs should be killed. I explained to him that a person has a right to kill a bedbug only if he is able to create one. The general rule is that you cannot destroy what you cannot create.

Questioner: So why do the bedbugs come to bite?

Dadashri: They do so because you have a pending debt with them. Your body does not belong to you alone. It is not your property in the first place, you have ‘stolen’ it and so the bedbugs are stealing from you. When they bite you, your accounts are being settled and your debts are being paid off. So from now on, do not kill them.


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